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We provide a relaxing setting to correct, protect, and optimize your appearance and pamper yourself at the same time!

Smartlipo is the most effective way to remove stubborn inches and undesirable fat depostis which have been resistant to dieting and exercise. Using a tiny laser, about the size of the tip of a pen, body fat is gently melted and then removed with a small suction micro-catheter. Not only does the laser melt away inches, it is also used to stimulate collagen and tighten skin during the proceedure, a result not accomplished with conventional liposuction. Our patients frequently request treatment for reduction of bulges around the waist, the so called "spare tire". SmartLipo (as seen on can be used to eliminate or reduce the baby pouch, improve the shape of the back, trim inches off the waist, help remove hanging deposits of fat on the arms, and shape the legs. One of its most impressive uses is its abilty to treat the droopy tissue under the chin or "turkey neck", where it very effectively reduces chin fat and tightens the skin of the chin and neck. This makes it a very effective alternative the surgical chin lift in many cases.

State of the Art

Developed by Cynosure Laser Corporation in 2008, Smartlipo Triplex has started a revolution. It is the lastest series of developments in advanced laser technologies. It uses a blend of three different laser frequencies to optimize the melting and removal of undesireable deposits of body fat while simultaneously maximizing skin tightening. Unlike conventional liposuction which requires general anesthesia and large bulk suction catheters, Smartlipo Triplex uses laser treatments and precise micro-catheters which, in the hands of the right cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Ronald Bush it results in consistently smooth, uniform results. During the procedure, the laser can be directed toward the skin to stimulate the collagen and achieve maximal skin tightening.

Local Anesthesia

Unlike conventional liposuction which carries the increased risks of general anesthesia in an operating room or surgi-center with an anesthesiologist, Smartlipo Triplex can be safely and effectively performed in the comfort of our own office with only a small amount of oral medication and local anesthesia. This is generally all that is required to keep patients comfortable during the proceedure. We have found that many of our patients fall asleep during the procedure and wake-up to find themselves tranformed.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because less equipment and personnel are required during Smartlipo as compared to conventional liposuction, the price is often significantly less. An accurate cost of the procedure can only be determined during a free consultation in our office with Dr. Bush the final price will depend on the number of areas being treated and amount or volume of adipose (fat) that needs to be removed. Although the procedures are considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance, we have interest-free financing options available through Care Credit which make it affordable for almost everyone.

Postop Recovery

Because the procedure uses small, minimally invasive catheters and lasers, there is less trauma, resulting in faster recover times. Most people are able to return to work in just a few days, making it a popular "weekend-recovery" procedure.

Smartlipo is a safe, effective, fast way to enhance your appearance and have the sculptured apprearance you've always dreamed about. Please call our Palm Springs Office for an appointment today.



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